Are You an Expert on New and Emerging Tech?

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, according to sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke. At the current rate of technological change, it’s getting harder and harder to tell fact from fiction. We created a fun quiz to test your knowledge of the latest innovations and the companies that brought them to market. See if you can tell the real tech from the tech our team dreamed up!

Spoiler alert: The answers are below, so be sure to take the quiz first!

Quiz questions and answers:

1. True!
Deep Space Industries sells a line of low-pressure, eco-friendly propulsion solutions that use water to power small satellites on private missions into deep space. What’s more, the company is also developing a new launch-safe bipropellant rocket engine and a spacecraft for deep space exploration that’s scheduled for launch in 2020!

Deep Safe Industries

2. True!

Using EMOTIV’s headsets, you can actually control machines with the power of your mind and make science fiction a reality today. There are many fascinating applications of this technology!

Emotiv headsets

3. True!

ICON, a startup, created the first permitted 3D-printed house in the US. The 650-square foot home includes living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and was completed in less than a day for less than $10,000. Equivalent homes built in developing countries will cost a mere $4,000 each.

4. True!

Basepaws is actually an SU Portfolio Company! The company aims to help eradicate feline disease while also helping us to better understand how to treat diseases in humans. Using CatKit, pet owners can sequence their cat’s DNA to learn about its ancestry, health, and traits. CatKit can help owners provide preventive healthcare and optimize nutrition for their furry friends.


5. True!

LiSA is the first-of-its-kind voice-activated social wellness platform from Ciuda Health and it’s being rolled-out across the United States. LiSA is accessible through devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home and helps seniors live independently by providing voice access to email, text messaging, community information, and reminders ranging from appointments to tips about diet and exercise.

6. True!

Among other applications of the technology, Tobii Pro’s Lab VR 360 enables researchers to learn about human fears such as heights and public speaking. Subjects can be immersed in a scary (to them) 360-degree video simulation to let researchers measure eye movements and emotional responses.

Tobii Pro's Lab VR 360

7. True!
Neurowear is, in fact, best known for Necomimi, a pair of cat-shaped ears that contain electroencephalogram (EEG) brainwave sensors. The ears perk up when they detect concentration and lie flat when the user is relaxed. The headband features interchangeable cat ears, dog ears, and devil horns! Time Magazine selected Necomimi as one of the 50 best inventions of the year in 2011.


Image credit: Osamu Iwasaki

8. True!

Celestis offers off-planet DNA storage and preservation that enables clients to place their biological signatures aboard a spacecraft to reside permanently on the moon or in deep space so that the genetic history is preserved for future analysis. And if you or a loved one would like to have a unique “funeral,” the company also offers a series of memorial space flights that launch cremated remains or DNA into orbit for a most unique type of tribute!


9. True!
The HiMirror Mini from Cal-Comp Big Data is a connected smart mirror that uses an integrated camera to analyze your skin, track skin care goals, and monitor the effect of skin care products. The mirror fits on a bathroom counter and is integrated with Amazon Alexa.

10. True!
360ed was co-founded by Hla Hla Win, who attended Singularity University’s Global Startup Program. The company’s offering uses VR and AR technology to enable 2D and 3D objects to pop off the pages of a textbook or flashcard for high-impact learning. Teachers can use VR to visit classrooms around the world for highly cost-effective observation, coaching, and expert mentoring.

11. True!

Statoil, the Norwegian energy firm, pioneered the world’s first floating wind farm using 830-foot-tall turbines that float on water. The turbines are tethered to the ocean floor by chains that weigh 1,200 tons. The wind farm, called Hywind, has been in the making for over 15 years.


Image credit: U.S. Department of Energy

12. False!

While ClapBack would certainly be a nice thing to have, we’re sorry to say that both the company and innovation are pure fiction.

Other than that last entry from our snarky staff, the rest of these organizations or technologies exist! So in many ways, the future has already arrived. This is a running theme for us at SU. We work with leaders of large organizations and entrepreneurs looking to build and scale innovative startups, helping them to envision and architect the future for themselves and their organizations. See how we can help you!