April: Tech Scouting Highlights

Digital Health Startups That Made Our Hearts Skip a Beat

The Singularity University tech scouting team has been working with a large pharmaceutical company to uncover innovative startups and technologies within the field of digital health, with a particular interest in motor and cognitive training, wearables and sensors, and next-generation imaging.

After reviewing 300+ startups in these spaces, here are three of our favorites:


Focus: Cognitive training

MindMaze brings together a number of technologies—virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), electroencephalographic (EEG) scans, and motion capture—to create a medical-grade “neural virtual reality platform.” This platform will measure a person's body sway and posture and provide real-time feedback to both patients and therapists.

The initial application of this technology is to help stroke patients regain motor function, but the company also plans to expand its focus to serve the needs of amputees and patients with spinal cord injuries.

The company already has a number of systems deployed in several top university hospitals across Europe, with several more on order for the second phase of deployments.

Startup Details

Founded: 2012

Location: San Francisco, CA

Stage: Series A

Total Funding: $109M

Most Recent Funding Date: February 2016

Most Recent Funding Amount: $100M

Notable Facts

  • The company raised a $100M round in February 2016, giving it a $1 billion valuation.
  • Part of the funding will be used to file additional patents (six were already filed).
  • The company has an impressive list of advisors and board members, including executives from Medtronic, Baxter, Stanford, UCSF, and the Brown Institute for Brain Science.

Gait Up

Focus: Wearables & sensors

Gait Up has developed a clinical-grade motion analysis wearable. The product is a small device that attaches to the top of a user’s shoes and transmits data to the cloud for analysis. Reports can then be sent to a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

This device features nine sensors that measure the user's gait, speed, and variability in order to identify patients that need particular attention or are at risk of falling.

The technology also has athletic applications. For example, the device can measure a runner’s patterns and movements to identify bad habits and help reduce the likelihood of injury.

The company is a spin-off of the Hospital of Lausanne and the Swiss Institute of Technology.

Startup Details

Founded: 2013

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

Stage: Undisclosed

TotalFunding: Undisclosed

Most Recent Funding Date: Undisclosed

Most Recent Funding Amount: Undisclosed

Notable Facts

  • Gait Up was one of three finalists at the WT Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup 2017 and the winner in the Sports & Fitness category.
  • Customers include Cereneo Center for Neurology & Rehabilitation, St. Olav's Hospital, Haute Ecole de Santé Genève, Hôpital de l’Enfance de Lausanne, and Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, among others.
  • Customers are located in 16 different countries, including the US.

CorTechs Labs

Focus: Imaging

CorTechs Labs is attempting to advance neuroimaging through the use of brain imaging analysis. The company's technology serves to quantify imaging, particularly for the subcortical structures of the brain.

The company’s goal is to make the quantitative analysis of MRI brain imaging a routine and standard part of care for radiologists and neurologists alike. The MRI is run through an automated post-image processor and delivered directly to the healthcare provider.  

The company’s latest product, LesionQuant, produces a user-friendly report of a patient's lesions and brain structure. This solution provides quicker and more comprehensive visualization and a new quantification of relevant images, including the number, volume, and burden of lesions, as well as the anatomical location and the delta of such lesions over time.

Startup Details

Founded: 2001

Location: San Diego, CA

Stage: Series B

Total Funding: $2M

Most Recent Funding Date: March 2014

Most Recent Funding Amount: Undisclosed

Notable Facts

  • The company’s technology is approved for use in the US, Europe, and Canada.
  • CorTechs Labs has partnered with Philips to provide NeuroQuant in Philips' IntelliSpace Portal 9.0 advanced visual analysis and quantification platform.
  • The company has also partnered with GE Healthcare and will be fully integrated into GE Health Cloud’s clinical workflow.
  • The company has also partnered with Olea Medical, a provider of MR and CT imaging and visualization, to offer NeuroQuant in Olea’s suite of imaging applications.