Supporting Startups That Serve Humanity

Our mission is to help solve the global grand challenges (GGCs) by activating SU’s global community to support impact technology startups in their efforts to secure connections, customers, and smart capital.

Our network brings together the world’s most exciting impact technology startups,  globally recognized subject matter experts, corporate innovation teams, impact investors, governments, NGOs, community partners, and more than a decade of SU program alumni to create an ecosystem that strengthens startups and accelerates their growth on a global, yet regionally focused scale.

I come to SU to learn about the future, and discuss it with the people who know more than anyone else on the planet. Then I go back to my team in Colorado and build that future. This is the power of the SU network—knowing about the future before it happens.

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If you’re ready to make an impact, please complete this form. We’re always in search of mission aligned startups, experts, founders, investors, corporate and public sector leaders to further strengthen our network and create new opportunities for impact entrepreneurs in every corner of the world.

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