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Hello! We're SU Ventures.

The first and only startup program dedicated to entrepreneurs who are leveraging technology to solve humanity’s grand challenges.

SU Ventures is a global community of startups using exponential technologies to solve global challenges. We look for startups that are tackling the world’s most difficult problems and take a long-term approach to help them build high-growth sustainable businesses. If you believe your venture has the potential to positively impact the world, you’ve found your tribe.

Everything we do is built on top of three key pillars that are engineered to ensure your business thrives. We provide access to:

  • Capital from angels, VCs, foundations, contracts, grants, and other sources to help your company grow
  • Customers from pilots with our F1000 partners and field deployments with development organizations
  • Connections to our global network of experts, esteemed faculty, and industry leaders

Most importantly, we understand long-term sustainability is key to the success of your startup. As a result, we take a long-term approach because we know you have big problems you’re trying to solve.

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““I come to SU to learn about the future, and discuss it with the people who know more than anyone else on the planet. Then I go back to my team in Colorado and build that future. This is the power of the SU network—knowing about the future before it happens.”

Dmitriy Starson, Ph.D.


Built for Entrepreneurs Like You

SU Ventures works with startups at the intersection of exponential technologies and global impact. Our programs provide the know-how that can accelerate breakthroughs with support in an “all-you-can-engage” format for as long as you’re in business.

After years of experience working with our portfolio companies, we’ve learned that startups focused on impact need more than an accelerator. What moonshot innovators need is support to create long-term sustainability, because it takes time to solve big problems.

So we’ve reinvented the way we work with startups—and changed the game for traditional accelerator and incubator programs.

We’ve mapped our entire approach to focus on the three key outcomes to help your startup achieve long-term success: Capital, Customers, and Connections. We offer multiple exclusive bootcamps, sprints, and other programs that go deep and aren’t available anywhere else.


We provide bootcamps that focus on teaching founders how to raise and leverage various types of capital to create growth, scale, and sustainability in impact-focused startups.


We help for-profit startups understand how to find and apply for grants (i.e., non-dilutive capital, aka free money!). We explain the best ways to work with grantmakers, how to factor in foundations’ grantmaking priorities, and how to position your proposals to win funding.


We also teach founders how to raise money from investors. We work through the basics like cap tables, term sheets, funding stages, fundraising tips, and pitfalls, but we don’t stop there. We also share high-stakes negotiation strategies, explore investor risk assessment methods, and reveal how to decode investor questions.

In addition to bootcamps, we also support your startup with facilitated warm introductions to our extensive investor and funder networks that ultimately open new doors.


A well-architected pilot with clear metrics and feedback loops can launch a startup's success and accelerate the product development lifecycle. Our programs are designed to help you foster and innovate early pilots and partnerships. We bring together corporates, startups, and development organizations (we call them Impact Partners) to work with you to develop pilots, field trials, and partnerships.

Field Exchange Program (FIX)

We can pair you with global non-profit organizations to put solutions into action in real-world situations, resulting in rapid iterations. The FIX program is designed to increase user testing and feedback loops that will accelerate your product development efforts. We work with local partners to facilitate an open innovation environment in a variety of countries, ensuring respect for the community and providing support for your startups. Learn more.

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"We believe Singularity University has one of the few well-positioned programs with solid management to execute the operations and help startup companies reach their goals."  

Paul Mahal

CEO, Stanford Ventures, LLC


Well-placed connections and timely introductions are game-changing for startups. All SU Ventures programs are strengthened by tailored mentorship designed to help your startup address specific challenges, scale your impact, and get to market faster. SU offers a stellar network and dedicated community of mentors.

Board of Advisors

We have a large and diverse group of marquee mentors, renowned faculty, F500 corporate partners, staff, and alumni. You will receive a carefully curated board of advisors matched to domain expertise, stage, and specific needs of your startup that will work with you to uncover new opportunities for your business.

Mentor Community

You will gain access to specialized expertise and wisdom from our network of well-connected mentors. Through selective matching with knowledgeable and enthusiastic experts, you will expedite your progress toward your critical milestones. This support not only helps you rapidly iterate and problem-solve, but it also promotes personal development and dramatically expands your professional networks. Many of our mentors are successful entrepreneurs and investors with deep domain experience and, equally important, are driven by a desire to make an impact on the world. See a small sample of our incredible mentor network.

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Other SU Ventures Programs


Join us for a two-week sprint to target key milestones that drive your business and get them done. You’ll meet your board of advisors, schedule key meetings in the Valley, and work with faculty and staff to get answers to propel your efforts forward faster.

Portfolio Retreats

Following each Sprint, attend a Portfolio Retreat to meet your fellow SU company founders and learn how to leverage your collective networks, domain expertise, and resources to accelerate your business. Join a community of peers that truly understand what it takes to build a business solving some of the world’s most difficult problems.


Select startups will innovate with our corporate partners, foundations, NGOs, philanthropists, and other tier 1 startups. Learn new innovation techniques and frameworks, and collaborate radically with leaders across sectors.


Join us at Summits around the world covering a variety of entrepreneurial tracks. You’ll get valuable new information and enjoy opportunities to network with investors, faculty, and staff and to reconnect with other alumni globally.