The Journey From Idea To Billion-Scale

The Global Startup Program (GSP) is a comprehensive program for startups looking to transform radical ideas into tangible impact on a global scale. During the course of GSP, our primary objectives are to help you:

Expand Your Network Icon

Expand Your Network

We’ll connect you with a world-class network of forward-thinking alumni, mentors, faculty, industry experts, corporate executives, and government organizations.

Scale into a 10x Global Business Icon

Scale into a 10x Global Business

We’ll give you the toolset to gain a new perspective and purpose. You’ll uncover technologies that are shifting the world and understand how they influence your mission.

Accelerate Time to Market Icon

Accelerate Time to Market

We’ll work with you to create a prototype, business model, and a go-to-market strategy that will scale your business faster to better address a global market.

Evolve a Fundraising Roadmap Icon

Evolve a Fundraising Roadmap

We’ll provide guidance on your fundraising initiatives and networking support to help you connect with funding sources.

How We’ll Get There Together

GSP consists of structured, immersive workshops in multiple locations around the globe, as well as continued access to vital support, people, and programs via a best-in-class connectivity platform.

The program will take you on a transformative journey as you progress through three unique phases: Activate, Accelerate, and Connect. We’ll work with you every step of the way as you become inspired with a new idea for your startup to position you for global scale. You’ll get unparalleled access to the best resources and experts to help you execute your vision.

GSP Journey - Activate, Accelerate, and Connect

GSP Activate

Activate Journey Path

Your GSP journey will start with Activate—an immersive three-week workshop held in a variety of global locations that teaches exponential thinking, ideation at the billion scale, and storytelling skills through the lens of your radical idea.

Our world-class faculty will introduce you to the technologies and ideas that are transforming the world and enabling global impact. You’ll also meet other GSP startups here!


Week 1: Exponential Ideas

Build vital new communication and storytelling skills to galvanize others to join your mission.

Week 2: Future Tech

Learn about exponential tech, global grand challenges (GGCs), convergence, abundance, 6Ds, and more. This week will spark your personal transformation.

Week 3: 10x Impact

Understand the concept of exponential impact and learn how to reverse-engineer the path to scalable growth.

GSP Accelerate

Accelerate Journey Path

Next, your journey will continue with GSP Accelerate—an immersive three-week program at SU’s campus in Silicon Valley that bridges the path from newly inspired idea to prototype through customer validation, business strategy, go-to-market planning, and business plan development supported by mentorship and networking.

Location: SU campus in Silicon Valley


Week 1: Meet

Connect with mentors and experts in Silicon Valley who will help you work on customer validation and build a go-to-market strategy, including business modeling, pricing, and monetizing innovation.

Week 3: Fund

Improve your fundraising prospects and explore different types of capital sources (i.e., impact investing and grant raising).

Week 4: Launch

Prepare videos and decks, a communication plan, a 12-month roadmap, and your pitch for SU’s Demo Faire.

GSP Connect

GSP Connect is SU’s digital platform that is used throughout the program to connect you with our global ecosystem of world-class mentors, faculty, and staff; essential innovation tools; deep-dive digital courses; and global meetups. GSP Connect is a keystone to the year-long GSP membership that will enable you to stay connected with SU’s ecosystem as you scale your venture.

When: Year-round

Location: Remote / Virtual


Online Learning and Expert Content

Access SU’s digital education content and attend webinars conducted by experts in fields like blockchain, healthcare innovation, and many others.

Level Up Leadership Training

Benefit from in-program sessions, coaching, and virtual meet-ups with Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil for one year to help you navigate your leadership journey.

Expert Mentoring

Get a full year of access to our mentor database, including self-service access to personalized mentoring and support from expert mentors, faculty, staff, and both government and corporate partners.

Peer2Peer Support

Join us on our Slack channel and monthly virtual meetups. Get peer-to-peer advising, accountability, and support.

A Day in the Life

day in the life at singularity university

The Global Startup Program’s immersive experience pushes you to grow every day.

You’ll engage in cutting-edge learning experiences designed and delivered by globally recognized speakers. You’ll also attend mentoring sessions, field trips, and after-hours fireside chats and social events. During a given day, you might find yourself:

  • Participating in morning yoga and meditation, or taking a nature hike
  • Enjoying lunch with expert mentors and problem advocates in the area
  • Attending hands-on workshops on the convergence of various exponential technologies, and learning how this convergence is creating new industries
  • Sitting in on evening fireside chats with SU co-founders Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis
  • Debating with brilliant minds about exponential technology, convergence, impact, and ethics

The application deadline for the Denmark GSP has closed. The next cohort will open soon. Please sign up at the bottom of this page to be notified when applications re-open.

Pricing And Other Details

Program Fees: $30,000 USD

Program fees include all program tools, materials, breakout sessions, workshops, and activities with your fellow participants and faculty.

Lodging: Accommodations will be provided for participants during Activate (a global location like Denmark) and Accelerate (Silicon Valley, California) programs.

Food: Delicious, healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be available every day there is program content during Activate and Accelerate.

During GSP Connect: Year-long access to SU’s digital platform used throughout the Global Startup Program to connect participants with SU’s ecosystem of mentors, faculty, and staff; innovation tools; deep-dive digital courses; and global meetups.

* Please note: Transportation, visas, and personal expenses are NOT included.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

The application deadline for the Denmark GSP has closed. The next cohort will open soon. Please sign up below to be notified when applications re-open.

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