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The SU Mentor and Advisor Network is a group of amazing folks who generously offer their time and expertise to help our founders and portfolio companies sharpen their strategies, crush obstacles, and accelerate their paths to greatness. Their talents and experience are only surpassed by their generosity of time and spirit.

When you’re fortunate enough to be working with SU, these talented mentors and advisors will help you craft an epic journey for you and your venture. Consider this your rolodex of awesomeness.

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The Mentors

Ben Adida

Director - Engineering at Square

Sarah Applebaum

Director - Pangaea Ventures

David Austin

VP - PCH Access

Chance Barnett

CEO - Crowdfunder

Adiba Barney

CEO - SV Forum

Anthony Batt

President - Katalyst

Addy Beavers

UX Design Lead - Google Global

Eshwar Belani

Products & Alliances - Rubrik Inc.

Andy Billings

VP of Profitable Creativity - Profitable Creativity at Electronic Arts

Jeremy Blum

Hardware Astronaut - Google Global

Gary Bolles

Partner -

Dia Bondi

Executive Producer of Creative Marketing - Twitter, Inc.

Sean Bonner

Co-Founder and Global Director - Safe Cast

Paul Breloff

Managing Director - Accion Venture Labs

Eli Bressert

Manager of Data Labs - Stitch Fix

Darren Cassidy

Chief Product Officer - DX Design Lab

Lance Cassidy

CEO - DX Design Lab

Walt Cecka

Senior Director of Program Management - Triple Ring Technologies

Dr. Divya Chander

Chair Neuroscience; Senior Fellow; CEO + Founder; CMO + CoFounder - Singularity University; Atlantic Council GeoTech Center; lucidify; Plexxus

Gwen Cheni

Angel Investor and Founder - Early Stage Fund