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Self-paced cohort

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Four weeks

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The Exponential Foundation Series

The Exponential Foundation Series is designed to transform your mindset and gather the essential tools you’ll need to create lasting change. You’ll start by reframing your perspective on global technological and economic landscapes. Next, you’ll explore shifting trends across those sectors. Then, you’ll use your new insights to create potential futures for yourself and your community. Finally, you’ll learn how to put your ideas to the test and turn theory into action.

Course Series Cohorts beginning:
January 4th
March 1st

Exponential Foundation Series

Course 1: Foundations of Exponential Thinking

Join a cohort of like-minded leaders to discover the most recent advancements in exponential technology and explore the foundational concepts that support a shift in mindset to match the current pace of technological change. You’ll learn how to think exponentially and develop the skills that will help you navigate toward an abundant future in a time of unprecedented innovation.

Download the syllabus (PDF) to see what we cover in this course.

Course 2: Practicing Exponential Foresight

This hands-on skill-building course will teach practical foresight skills to impact your preferred future. Through examining trends and exploring unknowns, you’ll practice looking at challenges in new ways, and in collaboration with a community of leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Impact LabCourse 3: Impact Lab

The Impact Lab brings together everything from the first two courses and puts your new exponential education into practice. This course is a set of moderated experiences where like-minded individuals interested in a particular Global Grand Challenge share their knowledge of known challenges and solutions. With user-generated content, participants show-and-tell about specific impact proposals in their area of concern.

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Ready to begin? Enroll in all three courses as a bundle and begin your journey toward a comprehensive education in exponential thinking and practice. The bundle price is $1188 (20% off $1495).

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Why Online Courses?

  • Increase your awareness of exponential technology and trends.
  • Expand your ability to “see” the future.
  • Identify and track disruptive trends and see opportunities for growth.
  • Find 10x solutions to disrupt rather than be disrupted.
  • Develop yourself as an exponential leader who will drive growth.
  • Fits into your busy schedule.
  • Provides ongoing engagement and scaffolding for greater depth.
  • Meets you where you live to better translate techniques and insights into your world (apply and practice techniques between lessons).
  • Cost-efficiently supports skill development and framework mastery.