These Young Innovators Are Building Potentially Life-Changing Solutions

The Singularity University community has hosted more than 130 Global Impact Challenges, which help remarkable social innovators from around the world participate in SU experiences like the Global Startup Program and the Global Summit. For the past three years, we have been experimenting with ways to engage younger innovators in the GIC, with the knowledge that building a better future will require us to engage our next generation of leaders.

Together with Dubai-based GEMS Education, the largest private K-12 education provider in the world, we have been building a framework for a global youth challenge that we’ve now scaled to reach more than 150,000 young people.

We are excited to announce the finalists of this year’s challenge, three teams of talented young innovators who will be invited to share their solutions at this year’s Singularity University Global Summit in San Francisco!

Meet the teams

Team: Shero

Team: Shero

GGC: Security

Priya Sadhu, 14; Astha Das, 14; Amritha Srisaahiti, 14

GEMS New Millennium School, Dubai, UAE

Moved by the presence of assault and molestation of women around the world, Team Shero is pairing location, communication, and self-protection features in a fashionable device that provides protection for its wearer.

Team: Alivean

Team: Alivean

GGC: Prosperity

Ahsan Nayaz, 16; Vraj Nirajbhai Rajpura, 17; Aaryan Krishnan, 16;
Mrudul Bhushan Mamtani, 14

GEMS Our Own English Boys School, Sharjah, UAE

Team Alivean is using neural networks and machine learning to create a “Visual Positioning System” for people with visual impairment. Their broad product scope considers not only the physical limitations encountered by people with limited sight, but also introduces technology designed to assist with emotional and expressive needs.

Team: Smart Bandages

Team: Smart Bandages

GGC: Health

Mohammed Ismail Sadaf, 16; Hisham Abubacker Musthafa, 17; Shiwam Singh, 17

GEMS Millennium School, Sharjah, UAE

The Smart Bandages team is interested in the development of new treatments for chronic wounds. Using small, cheap sensors and adaptive materials, the team is developing bio-compatible bandages to enable faster healing.

Looking forward

Over the course of the next three months, all three teams will receive expert mentorship through the GEMS and SU networks, and we’re excited to see how their ideas will develop. Meet these young innovators and learn more about their innovations at SU’s Global Summit, from August 19-21, 2019 in San Francisco.

Are you interested in helping students in your community be part of the 2020 Youth GIC? The GIC will open to schools and communities around the world this fall.