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Join a growing movement addressing humanity’s most urgent challenges. Be part of a community at the forefront of scientific, technical and economic innovation. There are more than 250,000 members in the SU ecosystem waiting to connect with you.


For Organizations

Access premium content, courses, panel discussions, events and networking for your staff. A Singularity University concierge will work with you to develop a program aligned with your goals and impact initiatives.

Our Enterprise Membership is available to for-profit companies, non-profits, government agencies, investors and academic institutions. 


For Individuals

Access to our Global Community is free! You’ll get access to a moderated social platform where you can meet colleagues, network, find local chapters and get connected to conversations that challenge your mode of thinking. As Alexander Hamilton said, you’re in the “room where it happens.” 


"SU makes one see the world in a different, enthusiastic way. It shows the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead of us so that we can make a better world for all. It gives access to a community of incredible individuals with a common interest in improving the lives of billions of people."

-Luis Rey | Director, Francisco de Paula - Sevilla International College
Upcoming Member Event

Race to a Vaccine: Supply Chains Reimagined

In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore how emerging technologies can help alleviate the logistical and communications challenges of the current supply chain infrastructure. As a Singularity Member, bypass the waitlist for this Spark Live workshop, Race to a Vaccine: Supply Chains Reimagined. 

Meet Your Guides

Alix Rübsaam

Philosophy of Technology, Artificial Intelligence

Brian Ferguson

Human Potential, Future of Teams, Global Security

Dr. Tiffany J. Vora

Vice Chair of Medicine & Digital Biology

Dr. Mark Post

Medicine & Biotechnology

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

The Exponential Guide to AI

If you’re looking for an accessible guide to help you understand this exciting technology, we offer this Exponential Guide to Artificial Intelligence.

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How Leaders Can Navigate Unpredictable Situations

Learn about the models and tools that leaders can use to navigate unpredictable situations in this free webinar hosted by Chipp Norcross and Catherine Brown.

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Design Intelligence for the Future of Learning

Explore the future of learning using the tools of science fiction storytelling in this graphic novel depicting what life might look like in the year 2039.

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Challenges Africa’s Entrepreneurs Face in 2020

In this blog post, SU Faculty member, Regina Njima highlights key challenges facing African entrepreneurial leaders in the digital era.

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“I really enjoy the community that Singularity University has built, providing a place where a diverse group of forward thinkers can get together in a free environment for collaboration. SU is spending their considerable expertise and experience in networking on the building of community, in a time when that is exactly what is needed. Thank you, SU!” - Sky Nelson-Isaacs

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