SingularityU Chapters facilitate vibrant local innovation ecosystems, whose participants focus on furthering the SU mission of leveraging exponential technologies to solve humanity’s grand challenges. There are currently 142 SingularityU Chapters worldwide in 66 countries that regularly host events within their cities. Download our 2018 Year in Review Report for more information.

Chapters are flourishing around the world thanks to the collaborative, volunteer leadership teams working together to convene local innovators in regular gatherings that attract fascinating speakers on a wide variety of topics. Chapters further SU’s goals to educate, empower, and inspire leaders through four core areas:

  • Connection: Creating and facilitating an engaged local community
  • Events: Facilitating events about exponential technologies and global grand challenges
  • Innovation: Sharing information about local innovations with the SU community
  • Impact: Focusing on impact in collaboration with Singularity University




If you’re interested in providing feedback or connecting with the leadership teams who have applied, please fill out this form. Additionally, we will be soliciting feedback about the leadership teams on the program participant Google groups when the application closes.

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Local Chapter events provide a great opportunity to connect with exceptional individuals who reside in or visit a particular area and have a common interest in solving humanity’s biggest problems through exponential technology. All Chapter events feature community and connection-building components and often feature speakers about cutting-edge technology. The attendees of Chapter events span industries and vocations—including entrepreneurs, policy designers, and academics, as well as business and NGO leaders.

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We welcome diverse teams across the globe to apply for Chapter licenses. The application window for Chapter leadership teams is open four times a year (quarterly), and is open to SU program participants.

Learn more about the application process, and the benefits and resources provided to selected Chapter leadership teams.

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