Introducing Our First Digital Event Series

This digital event series will address how work is changing today, and how to adapt for tomorrow. We’ll host digital salons every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am PST. The series will culminate in a one-day digital summit on May 28th. Join us, and share with your network. Together, we’ll chart the path toward a stronger, healthier and more resilient global workforce.

next: Work Digital Summit

May 28th | 9am-5:30pm PT

This free digital summit dives into the intersections of the Future of Work in the global context, highlighting worker’s rights, the shifting nature of careers and learning, and health, wellness and safety. Summit sessions revolve around real life examples and actionable strategies for creating a more resilient and equitable future of work, now.


*all times are Pacific

8:30am — Why a Human-Centric World of Work Matters
With host Molly Pyle & Singularity’s Future of Work Chair Gary A. Bolles

9:00am — The Future of Work: A Global Perspective
With Christina Gerakiteys, Kris Østergaard, Vincent Vuillard, Krista Pawley

9:35am — Workers in the Great Reset: How Labor Unions and Workers are Charting New Futures
With United Farm Workers Foundation’s Executive Director Diana Tellefson Torres, Bangladeshi union leader Nazma Akhter, and Singularity’s Darlene Damm

10:10am — Out From the Shadows: An Inclusive Future of Employment
With Mary L. Gray, Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and author of Ghost Work: How to Stop Silicon Valley from Building a New Global Underclass, interviewed by Stacey Ferreira

10:45am — Startups & Entrepreneurs: The Key to Economic Recovery
With Steve Case, Co-Founder of AOL, Chairman & CEO of Revolution, author of The Third Wave, interviewed by Gary A. Bolles

11:20am — Virtualizing the Human Value Chain
With UpWork’s VP of Customer Insights Tim Sanders, interviewed by SingularityU Nordic’s Laila Pawlak

11:50am — Re-Gearing Business in Uncertain Times
With Nell Watson, machine learning researcher, tech ethicist and founder of Quantacorp

12:15pm — The Future is Distributed
A panel with GitLab’s Head of Remote Darren Murph, Remote.CO & Flexjobs Founder & CEO Sara Sutton, and Distributed Teams author John O’Duinn, moderated by Molly Pyle

12:55pm — Saving Mainstreet: Who Shows Up for Small Businesses?
With Center on Rural Innovation’s Ann Lichter and Innovation Collective’s Nick Smoot, moderated by Gary A. Bolles

1:35pm — BREAKOUT #1: Creating a Future Friendly Culture
With Robert Ellis

1:35pm — BREAKOUT #2: Riding the COVID-19 Wave of Digital Transformation: From the US to Africa
With The Digital Economist Council Member Maria Lynne Dayton, Johnson & Johnson VP of Scientific Innovation Pierre R. Theodore, and United Global Alliance Founder & General Partner Ali Diallo

1:35pm — BREAKOUT #3: Why Would We Ever Want to Go Back to Normal?
With Kathryn Sforcina, UNFCCC Resilience Frontiers advisor and Co-Chair for The Emergency and Incident Response Track for the Automation and Robotics Australian Government Initiative

2:00pm — What Now for the Gig Economy?
With entrepreneur Samantha Radocchia, Postmates Head of Policy Vikrum Aiyer, and Independent Driver’s Union Executive Director Brendan Sexton, moderated by Ohio State University’s Humanities Institute Director David Staley

2:40pm — Work in Developing Markets: Pandemic Recovery
With Pluralsight’s Lindsey Kneuven, Re:Coded’s Zain Awan, and Gary A. Bolles

3:15pm — BREAKOUT #4: Beyond TikTok: GenZ and Work
With Gen Z inventor Fatima Alkaabi, teacher Kimber Lybbert and Oppticity founder Muriel Clauson

3:15pm — BREAKOUT #5: Leading in the Digital Age – Lessons from Chimps
With executive coach and futurist Dr. Scott Bolland

3:15pm — BREAKOUT #6: Building Creativity and Innovation Skills in a Rapidly Transforming Environment
With Be-novative founder & CEO Priscilla Varnagy

3:40pm — Is a Truly Equitable Future Possible In a Post-COVID World?
With Director of New America’s Better Life Lab and author of Overwhelmed Brigid Shulte, interviewed by Startup Pregnant founder Sarah Peck

4:10pm — Mental Health and Wellness at Work: The New Frontier
With TalkSpace Founder Roni Frank, author and activist Sonya Renee Taylor, and Chime’s VP of People and Talent Beth Steinberg, moderated by Singularity’s Rebecca Darwent

4:45pm — The Future of Work is a Moral Economy
With future forecaster Paul Saffo

Speakers Include...

Diana Tellefson Torres

Executive Director, United Farm Workers Foundation

Mary L. Gray

Author of "Ghost Work: How to Stop Silicon Valley from Building a New Global Underclass"

Steve Case

Co-Founder of AOL, Chairman & CEO of Revolution, author of The Third Wave

Tim Sanders

VP of Customer Insights, UpWork

Brigid Schulte

Director of the Better Life Lab, New America

Roni Frank

Co-Founder, Talkspace

Darren Murph

Head of Remote, GitLab

Nazma Akhter

Workers' Rights Leader in Bangladesh and Founder & Executive Director, Awaj Foundation

Sara Sutton

Founder & CEO, Flexjobs

Vikrum Aiyer

Head of Policy, Postmates

Ann Lichter

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Center on Rural Innovation

Nick Smoot

Founder & CEO, Innovation Collective

Pierre R. Theodore

VP of Global External Innovation, Johnson & Johnson

Ali Diallo

Founder & General Partner, United Global Alliance (UNITED) & White House Presidential Innovation Fellow

Maria Lynne Dayton

White House Presidential Innovation Fellow

Brendan Sexton

Executive Director, Independent Drivers Guild

Sonya Renee Taylor

Activist and Author of The Body is Not an Apology

Beth Steinberg

VP of People, Chime

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Digital Salons: The Great Reset

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Digital Salons: The Role of Tech

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Digital Salons: A Focus on Workers

A conversation on the future of work is incomplete if not centered on workers themselves. From small business owners to startup founders to leaders of cooperatives to gig workers – the myriad impacts of the pandemic are changing what it even means to be employed and our collective relationship to work and careers.

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