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We transform how leaders think about the future and guide them in building new capabilities to get there successfully. Our enterprise solutions enable organizations to better understand and anticipate the potential impact of exponential technologies and trends and to take action.

Through our strategy, leadership, and innovation models and tools—and with guidance from our global network of experts—we help organizations reinvent themselves to better navigate the uncertain future ahead.

Our Approach

Singularity University’s enterprise portfolio offers customizable solutions that provide organizations with the tools they need to define a new future vision and roadmap, prepare future-ready leaders, rapidly experiment and build new future businesses, and mobilize their ecosystem to champion the new narrative.

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Our enterprise portfolio helps leaders reimagine and build the 10x future of their organization.

“On average, an S&P 500 company is being replaced every 2 weeks.”

— Grayline Group, April 2017

“Only 20% of Chief Strategy Officers believe their companies are highly prepared for sudden industry disruption.”

— Accenture, 2016

“Nearly 140 private companies working to advance artificial intelligence technologies have been acquired since 2011, with over 40 acquisitions taking place in 2016 alone.”

— CBInsights, July 2017

10x Strategy Development

10x strategy development Explore, envision, and unlock the future of your organization. The 10x Strategy Development solution empowers organizations to re-envision their future by anticipating, embracing, and capitalizing on exponential technologies and trends.

Future Vision: Get an overview of technologies and trends designed to reframe thinking and broaden possibilities for your organization’s future.

Future Forecast: Formulate a future-focused opportunity map for the next one, five, 10, and 20+ years. Analyze opportunities, threats, and implications to your business and society at large.

Future Narrative: Develop a compelling story, graphic novel, or other tangible artifact that brings the organization’s vision to life, and a plan for socialization and mobilization.

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93% of CSOs said new technologies will rapidly change their company’s industry.

—Accenture, Thriving on Disruption Innovation, 2016

In a world where technologies are breeding, being a traditional leader is no longer enough—exponential leadership skills will soon define successful CEOs.

—Vanessa Gavan, Managing Director, Maximus, in CEO Magazine, 2016

10x Leadership Training

10x leadership training graphic Develop future-ready leaders by equipping them with the new skills, tools, and mental models required to champion and lead transformation initiatives and help the organization leap into the future. This solution disseminates exponential concepts throughout the organization through in-person experiential training, online cohort-based courses, projects, and coaching.

Future Leaders Series
Start by establishing a baseline understanding of individual and organizational leadership capabilities. Then explore emerging technologies and trends, and their impact on the role of the exponential leader. Finally, engage in applied learning by executing a 10x project for your organization with the support of SU coaches.

Exponential Foundations Series (Digital)
Develop an organization-wide understanding of exponential technologies, trends, and their potential impact on the organization and industry. Apply learnings to real-world problems, and gain access to SU’s network of peers and experts.

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10x Innovation Sprint

10 innovation sprint graphic Gain deep market and technology insights, rapidly prototype future-focused ideas, and develop go-to-market strategies for leaping ahead in the market. We enable organizations to ideate, prototype, validate, and launch potentially breakthrough solutions that leverage exponential technologies to ensure 10x scale and impact.

Problem Sprint: Define the problem, discover opportunities, research and monitor customer needs, and explore potential technology partners, startups, and disruptors from around the world.

Solutions Sprint: Develop 5–10 ideas within the identified opportunity area through a focused disruption or sci-fi workshop and idea-refinement exercise.

Prototype Sprint: Build, test, validate, and evolve ideas through rapid prototyping and user-testing methodologies.

Go-to-Market Sprint: Plan paths to market, channel development, spin-in/spin-out and org structure strategy, and establish a mobilization plan to excite stakeholders about the launch.

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You need a continuous process of changing [an] idea. The final product will look nothing like what you started with.

—Luis Perez-Breva, Director of the Innovation Teams Program at MIT in Innovation Leader, 2017

The most audacious innovations simply cannot be created by single companies or by industries operating alone.

—”Wicked-Problem Solvers,”
Harvard Business Review, June 2016

Innovation Partnership Program

innovation graphic An exclusive community of executives pioneering the future together.

IPP provides a collaborative, category-exclusive, high-touch experience for senior executives to reframe the boundaries of what’s possible through curated summits, workshops, and site visits alongside industry-leading experts, futurists, SU faculty, and portfolio companies. Participants learn from each other’s experiences and identify collaboration and partnership opportunities. The program is a 3-year membership commitment and is offered at multiple levels.

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Online Courses for Organizations

Do you wish your team, department, or entire organization had the knowledge and awareness of exponential technologies and trends? Singularity University’s Online Courses for Organizations helps develop the skills your business needs to compete and win for the future. Our learning pathways help give your team the ability to identify and track disruptive trends and recognize opportunities for growth.

Whether you’re a team of 5 or 50,000, Singularity University’s Online Courses for Organizations offers flexible options to transform your leaders into exponential leaders who can adapt to change and drive measurable outcomes for the future.

Course 1: Foundations of Exponential Thinking:

This course will unite your team and foster the beginnings of an innovation-friendly culture across your organization. You’ll learn about the most recent advancements in exponential technologies and gain a mindset to match the current pace of technological change.

Course 2: Practicing Exponential Foresight:

This course will teach your team how to identify trends, use foresight to design the future actively, and look at challenges in new ways. This is a hands-on, collaborative course that will bring your teams together to take action toward the future.

Course 3: Impact Lab:

This course will put your team’s new exponential education into practice with a set of moderated experiences creating proposals that tackle global grand challenges. Your team will leave this course with the mindset and confidence to enact lasting change in your organization and beyond.

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Human perception is linear, technological process is exponential.

—Niv Dror

The challenge is that the day before something is truly a breakthrough, it's a crazy idea. And crazy ideas are very risky to attempt.

Build Your Roadmap

We’ll work with your organization to build a unique set of solutions that create a roadmap to your organization’s 10x future. Tell us about your organization and current goals or challenges, and our team will follow up with a personalized plan to get started.

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