As an executive leader within your organization, you’re at the helm of your business or department and are faced with the challenge of shifting your business toward the future. What you need is a partner and guide to help you successfully get there. That’s where we come in!


Transform Business Models, People, Ideas, and Products

At Singularity University, we have a clear path and community to help you get there. We realize that you will have that “aha moment,” and when that happens, you’ll need help to get to the next steps—a partner to help connect you with people, models, learning, and resources to take that leap. Let us be your guide.

The challenge is that the day before something is truly a breakthrough, it's a crazy idea. And crazy ideas are very risky to attempt.

Solutions for Enterprise Organizations

Our programs and events equip you and your organization with the mindset, tools, and resources to successfully navigate your transformational journey to the future. We are powered by our world-class Faculty, trailblazing practitioners, and a global network of alumni, partners, and impact-focused startups. Our offerings fall into four categories so that we can support you at any starting point.


Explore, envision, and unlock the future of your organization. Create a future-focused vision and strategy.

  • Executive Program (delivered by SU)
  • Partner Education Programs


Bring your future-focused narrative to life and tell your story to a world that cares about tomorrow, today.

  • Experimental storytelling with Futurism
  • Engaging editorial content, videos, media with Futurism
  • Transformative “big ideas”
  • Leverage more than 10 million engaged future-ready professionals for your message


Develop future-ready leaders by equipping them with new skills, tools, and mental models for the future.

  • Future of X Series with INSEAD
  • Partner Learning Programs and Online Course


Develop connections and relationships with like-minded executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals.

  • Innovation Partnership Program (IPP)
  • Enterprise Memberships (coming soon)
  • Abundance 360
  • Abundance Digital
  • SU’s Speakers Bureau

Most Organizational Leaders Want to:

  • Create better alignment around a shared future vision and strategy for the organization.
  • Generate excitement and buy-in internally and externally by developing future-focused narratives and stories. 
  • Help the entire organization learn what emerging technologies are impacting their market/industry and to help shift the organization as a whole towards a future-focused mindset.
  • Forge more profound relationships with their partners to solve problems and to augment internal resources to run innovation experiments.
  • Have a vantage point about what the future looks like, and a partner to help them share their future vision and strategy.
  • Make an impact on the world with their products and services, and have a partner to help make that happen.

If any of this sounds familiar, let’s start a conversation!

Build Your Roadmap

We’ll work with your organization to build a unique set of solutions that create a roadmap to your organization’s future. Tell us about your organization and current goals or challenges, and our team will follow up with a personalized plan to get started.

Enterprise Resources