We’re thrilled to announce that after a long-time partnership, we have acquired Uncommon Partners (UP) to expand our capabilities for clients and partners. Co-founded in 2018 by SU faculty member Kyle Nel and Amanda Manna, UP applies a multi-disciplinary approach to transformation that is rooted in behavioral science and helps organizations to design transformation strategies, prepare and train leaders, and develop emerging technologies.

As our CEO, Rob Nail said in the press release announcing this news, “We are thrilled to add Uncommon Partners into the SU ecosystem. Kyle and Amanda really understand the power of the SU global community and how equipping leaders for success can create a better and more equitable future for all. This addition to our portfolio strengthens our ability to empower leaders with the resources needed to strategically advance their organizations using exponential technologies.”

By leveraging the strength of both organizations, we will now be able to better see, narrate, and uncover the future trends that will impact our world and drive lasting impact. Kyle and Amanda will focus on developing advanced capabilities for our community leveraging AR/VR, neuroscience, and science fiction, to name a few. With applied neuroscience, enterprises will be better equipped to enhance their strategic narrative and communications, improve their product and service development to meet end-users where they are today, and optimize their retail environments.

Here are some powerful enhancements we are adding to our 10x Innovation Sprint solution:



(Problem Sprint)

Leverage applied neuroscience to gather unprecedented insight into your business challenges, such as how to optimize retail environments. Understand whether your customers are bored, stressed, or engaged, and know their emotional response and visual attention, among other quantitative and qualitative data.



(Solutions Sprint)

Improve ideation by knowing how to evaluate whether your ideas are moving through the ideation process based on their validity and fit or the emotional responses they elicit. See how to leverage strategic narrative to envision future solutions and to harness applied neuroscience to assess your reactions.

Virtual Reality


(Prototype Sprint)

Bring promising products and services to market faster by using applied neuroscience. Uncover potential problems and solutions rapidly in order to iterate and get to the most intuitive solution faster. We incorporate such measures as emotional response, motivation, cognitive load, and visual attention.

Venturing into the powerful realm of neuroscience with us will open up unprecedented avenues for large organizations to gain rare customer insights, improve ideation and product development methods, and optimize environments and point-of-purchase opportunities as never before. We will be rolling out more solutions soon. Get on the list below to learn more about these exciting developments as they happen!

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As part of our acquisition of Uncommon Partners, we are pleased to offer additional digital learning offerings, beginning with the Understanding Behavioral Transformation online course. To learn more and register, visit https://su.org/online-learning/understanding-behavioral-transformation/.